Monday, February 11, 2008

Wedding Intan and Khairul

She just like my sister... I made her wedding gifts, wedding favors, and door gifts on her wedding, when she asked me to do so. I made for both sides. Her theme for her wedding gifts was green silver, meanwhile her husband was brown. For the wedding favors and door gifts she preferred pink and purple. Here some of the pictures...

Do you see my kids' fingers? Hey, itu ibu buat....

The base of the gift

Ooooo my ring
The cake as wedding gift

For the cake, we made for her one whole cheese cake and coated with chocolate and additional three cupcakes (the earliest move for cupcakes activity) to put on the glass cake stand.

Sirih junjung
Make up set
Hersey chocolate

Below were the wedding gifts which were given to Khairul from Intan. The theme color was silver green. Unfortunately the photo of the cake was accidently deleted.

The potpouri in the tall glasses

The chocolate with marshmelow and Hersey
Sirih junjung in glass vase
The fruit in green...

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