Saturday, March 13, 2010

Engagement - Pullah and Tasya

Another order for another occasion. Asfalina called me about 2 weeks ago and told me that her brother wanna have an engagement in Kuala Kangsar. The pink is the theme. I like this for me is soooo sweet, calm, soft, and romantic..

She also ordered the cake. So we decided to make cupcakes instead of one big whole cake. Try something new. Kalau kat bandar of course cupcake for any occasion is quite normal but not in kampung. I hope they like the idea. Ok, she asked me to proceed. So just look at the outcome after mengerah my ideas...ALHAMDULLILAH, they liked it...

The chocolate, i use only selected chocolate - Sorrini....
The left side
Usually, if i do any wedding gift, i like to use a good quality chocolate like Sorrini, Hersey,
Ferrero Roche , or Cadbury. So, of course the result akan jadi much much better...And
satisfaction is there.

Important item - ring for the girl

Fruit in vase

For fruit, now i like to use vase as the container instead of basket. Basket is too comman. suggested to them, and they agreed.

The biscuits in bowls

They also ordered some biscuits from Azura as a gift to the girl. So, i put the biscuits in the glass containers and decorated them..

Even some of the gifts have been modernized by me, as the tepak sirih tetap ada..But i didnt use the usual one. I bought the glass box, cake/cookies stand, and tissue holder and decorated as the tepak sirih..Well, i think it was not too bad...
Watch and book....

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